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September 2, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The knock echoes in the large, luxurious room. Infront of the high window sits a man, golden blonde hair and steely blue eyes accenting his sharp features. A glass of wine and it's bottle stand on a small table next to the elegant, black leather armchair.

"Come in." The man calls.

The tall, wooden door opens.

It begins.

"You called, my lord?" Another man steps in, his hair wild and a dirty blonde shade, while his eyes are a mesmerising, cerulean blue. He bows deeply.

"Ja." The Swede in the armchair grumbles, setting down his delicate glass. "My boots seem a bit dirty…" he began, raising an eyebrow at his servant.

"I understand, my lord." The other man replies, walking over to him and getting on his knees. "If I have permission…"

The man leans down to kiss the black leather, then his small, pink toungue darts out to lick it clean and smoothen it out. He understands. It is his duty, after all.
He repeats the procedure on the other boot, making sure to leave it flawless.

"Anything else in need of…cleaning, my lord?" He says, putting as much emphasis on his innuendo as possible, and releasing a slightly sexual moan when his master tightly grasps his hair.

"The usual."

"Yes, my lord."

His hands shakily grasp his master's belt. It was, as every other leather thing on his body, black, with silver details and ornaments. Berwald can only watch him as he licks his lips, opening the Swede's pants and pulling them down slightly.

The other smirked. "No underwear, my lord? Were you so…impatient?" He chuckles as Sweden's erection stands proudly before him.

Berwald kicks his side, and none-too-hard. "Get on with it." He hisses.
"Forgive my insolence, my lord. I will continue immediately."

The Swede moans loudly when he feels himself being incased in a hot, wet cavern. "G'd damn it, Matthias…" he grunts, grasping the Dane's blonde locks tighter. His head falls back, and Matthias pauses only to remove Sweden's glasses.

Berwald understands. They'd just get in the way.

Matthias took his cock in until he could feel it touching the backside of the Dane's throat. He really was skilled in doing this…

The silence in the room was haunting, only mingling slightly with Sweden's muffled pants and groans. "God, D'nmark…I'm going t'-"
"Do it, Berwald." Matthias purrs. "Come all over my face."

Berwald happily obeys, and squirts his hot seed onto Denmark's milky, pale skin.

"Hmm…thank you, Ber…"

Denmark takes off his white, silk glove to wipe up the substance and lick his fingers clean.

"Tak…for the treat…"

He stands up and unbuttons his blazer, his white dress shirt and black tie soon following.
Berwald kisses him roughly, as Matthias' hands work on the Swede's clothing.

Matthias grunts as Berwald shoves him against the wall harshly. He loves it, he knows.

Berwald's hands touch all the right places, they tweak his nipples, they tease his skin, they bruise his flesh. Matthias knew he was his.

It was like an apologetic act.

Berwald was the king in this game, he was the one making the rules, he was the one commanding. Matthias had to be the servant for once, he had to obey, and he would obey.
Because the outcome was just too damn delicious.

He moans loudly when Sweden's fingers probe his entrance.

"Y're…awfully loose…D'nmark…" He comments, feeling how easily the usually tight muscle accepts the intrusion.

"Ahh…I, uh…Mmm, I…fuck, s-stretched myself…before I came here…" Denmark tells him, his toes curling when Sweden brushes his sweet spot.

"G'od. B'cause I would'nt h've wa'ted anyw'y." Berwald grumbles huskily, sheathing himself inside his lover in one thrust, hitting his prostate dead-on.

"Oh, damnit Ber!" Matthias yells. He doesn't care if he loses control, the two were alone in this gigantic manison, and Berwald, only Berwald was ever allowed to see him like this. He was his toy, his plaything, his little Danish puppet.
And he loved it.

Berwald's thrust were hard and erratic. The sensation was incredible, and this definitely wasn't their first time together.
The Swede simply couldn't resist the feeling of Denmark's tight heat.

A stifled yell escaped his lips as he emptied himself into the body beneath him, filling the Dane to the brim.

The bliss shut everything out for a moment. That is, until he noticed Matthias squirming.

"B-Ber, me t-too, I need t-to come too, I-I need, c'mon…" he begged. He wanted Berwald to finish him.

God thank the lord, Denmark thought, when Berwald's large hands wrapped around his weeping erection to work him to his climax. He came, and released into his hand.

Berwald pulled out of him and sighed.

"Jag älskar dig…"

Matthias chuckled. "You know what? Jeg elsker også dig…"
Yaaaay! Yet another kind of 'plotless' story! In other words, free Pr0n! :iconjapanpastaplz: loves this pairing... :iconnosebleedingplz:

:iconswedengasmplz: :icondenmarkgasmplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) me
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I now crown you queen/king (which ever you want, ima girl and I call my self a king XD) of DenSu lemons.... your lemons are just beautiful!
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(Im the nordics little sister)
Me: 0////////0 big brothers Sweden and Denmark?!
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Them: *a give me the computer look*
Me: *no way in hell look*
-staring contest-
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Them: ummmmmmm..............
Sweden: your never getting this computer back
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we suden/densu shippers should go buy an island and just live there peacefully as long as no idiot will mention who tops then its cool aha loved it! its my OTP ever since i discovered hetalia oh
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