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November 25, 2012
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(Name) scowled. This dress was itchy, the corset felt like it was about to squeeze out her insides, and the updo was irritating her. To hell with her mentor England and his will to drag her to Austria's stupid ball. "You have to learn something about culture!", he had said.

Screw that.

Her eyes scanned the room for an escape route. Ah! A balcony. Perfect.

Trying her best not to be noticed by anyone, she walked up the marble steps of Austria's luxurious mansion. The balcony was empty, leaving the English territory to herself.

A beautiful full moon shone down onto the lovely stone flooring of the balcony, her heeled shoes loud against the floor.

"Damn...even out here that Austrian has instruments..."

(Name) sighed as she eyed the violin, cello and flute just...being there.

"Being a bit lonely, Fräulein?"

(Name) snapped up and turned around, facing a certain silver-haired, red-eyed, Germanic nation.

"O-oh! Prussia! You? H-here? Ahahaha...were you...following me?" She stuttered, a blush creeping onto her face.

Prussia grinned. He was wearing a very...complimenting tuxedo, with a fitting tie. Nothing too extravagant like Austria's dress-robes, yet elegant.

"Gilbert, Schätzchen. Call me Gilbert." His smile was almost blinding, and his skin practically glowed in the pale moonlight. His eyes were accented by this lighting, looking like two drops of blood in the snow.

"O-oh...Gilbert, then."

The Prussian smiled. "Much better, Süße, see?" He came closer. "So...what is a beautiful young lady doing all alone this fine night?"

"I...just didn't feel like being in between those aristocrats...I'm not into that...I'm more of a-"

"Punk?" Gilbert guessed with a grin. "I could tell. Your updo's a hairpiece. Your hair actually has stripes like Death the kid, your corset looks a bit steampunk-ish. You're no normal girl." Prussia pulled the hairpiece out of (Name)'s hair, allowing it to cascade freely down her back.

"Ja...viel besser..." The albino combed his fingers through the (h/c) locks. "Such beautiful hair you have there, Frau..."

(Name) blushed. "Shut up..." She tugged the strand of hair out of his hands and turned around.

Gilbert chuckled, and walked around her to face her again. "Oh, Frau...don't be so cold to the awesome me..." "Well, I am." Her (e/c) eyes glistened dangerously.

"Allow me to warm you up a bit..." He began, takning the girl's much softer hand into his rough one, placing a kiss on it. "Can you dance?"

"W-well..." A crimson blush spread over her cheeks. "I c-can...but my feet...y'know, the shoes are a pain in the arse..."

She shrieked when the Prussian lifted her up onto the marble railing, putting her down softly.

Then he got onto his knees, and very gently began untying the ribbons of her heels, trailing soft kisses up each of her shins to each of her knees.

Once the useless, painful footwear was removed, he took her hand in his again.

"There, problem solved. Now, Miss (Name), may I have this dance?" Prussia asked, skin bright, and blood-red eyes slightly lidded to give off a flirty effect.

(Name) blushed. "Y-yes...of course."


The two had been waltzing under the moonlight for what seemed like aeons to (Name) - positively, of course. She didn't feel like she wanted this night to end, she wanted to be right here, with Gilbert, dancing under the full moon forever.

However, even someone as awesome as Prussia had his limits, so the two were forced to stop.

"(Name), believe me when I say this, but I have never had that much fun doing something as sissy as waltzing. Austria would shed a manly tear if he could see me." The albino chuckled, causing the English territory to laugh lightly with him.

"Thank you for everything, Gilbert." (Name) said. "You saved my night."

"Always for a beautiful lady like yourself." He replied, leaning forward to give her cheek a soft kiss.

"Silly," she giggled, "you missed."

And with that, she grabbed Gilbert's collar, bringing their lips together in a gentle, yet passionate kiss.

"(Name)! Come back inside!" Arthur's voice was quite loud and clear. (Name) broke off quickly.

"We'll see each other again, will we, Gilbert?" She asked, (e/c) eyes hopeful.

"Of course," Gilbert said assuringly, pulling her in for another short-lived kiss.

"Under the next full moon. I promise."
Fluffeeeeh! Me loves fluffeeeh Prussia! *glomp*

Tell me how you guys liked 'gentleman'-ly Prussia! This idea was in my head for weeks, and I finally got it done, eventhough it's pretty short.

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyprussia2plz:
This story (c) me
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