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(Name) growled. Matthias was flirting with another girl.

It was Prussia's younger sister Germany, or Louise, as her name was. The young woman seemed to be enjoying herself, much to Stockholm's dismay. Oh, how she wished she could wipe that million-watt smile out of Matthias' face right now...

"Being jealous, Frau?" Gilbert chuckled and came up to her. America was throwing a random party yet again, so of course all members of the 'Awesome Trio' were present.

(Name) let out a frustrated sigh. "Yes, yes I am, I fucking am. I have no problem admitting it."

"Kesesese. Well, tell you what," the albino began, "he'll keep on going as long as you give him a reaction. In your case, jealousy."

Stockholm 'tsk'ed. "Fine then." She thought for a moment. "Say, Gil? Has Matthias ever said that we were an official couple?"

"No, why?"

"I have an idea." The young woman leaned forward to whisper something into Gilbert's ear. A toothy grin formed on his face, before he began to laugh loudly.

"Well, I like your way of thinking, Frau."

"So, you're in this with me?"

Gilbert laughed again, leaned forward and placed a kiss on (Name)'s neck.

"Ja, of course I am."


Matthias was slowly getting pissed. What was Gilbert doing? Kissing and touching his (Name) like that? And she was even kissing him back! The fuck was that?! Wasn't this going against some bro-code or something?!

And Gilbert was looking at him sometimes, giving him a 'I just got your girl' look.

The FUCK?!

(With Gilbert and Stockholm)

"Stop looking at him, Gil, he's getting suspicious." (Name) scolded him, pulling the Prussian into a kiss.

"Mmh, sure, Frau...I'll keep my eyes on you..."

(Name) giggled. "Hey, lead me to the next empty room as if you were attempting to get serious. He's coming over."

Gilbert nodded slightly and grabbed her hand, pulling her with him lightly.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing with my girl?!" Denmark cut in, taking (Name)'s other hand.

"Your girl?" (Name) snorted. "As far as I know, we're not even a couple, so you can't say anything." She gave him a mischievious grin. "Let's go, Gil."

"Of course, Liebe."

And the two left, leaving Matthias slightly heartbroken, and dumbfounded.


"Thanks for everything, Gil." (Name) said as Prussia brought her to the Nordics' door.

"Kein Problem, Frau. I had my fun too." He smiled. "Be sure to apologise, though. Matthias is prone to pouting."

"I know. God natt, Prussia."

The man just nodded and left as (Name) unlocked the door, just to be greeted by the stench of beer.

She stumbled over a few beer bottles and frowned in disgust. Damn that Dane.

(Name) hung her jacket in the closet, then carefully made her way through the ocean of bright, green glass. Her steps were slow and sounded loudly on the wooden floor of the entrance hall, until the sound of Danish profanities was added to the mix.

"(Naaaaaaaaaame)~....aaaah..." Denmark opened another bottle after he'd carelessly flung his previous one to the floor. He emptied the entire bottle in one go, then burped loudly. He didn't care. He was alone (or so he thought), he was drunk and he was heartbroken. And he was sitting on the floor instead of the couch.

"Oh whyyyy did you have to leeeeeeaaaave me for that traitor Giiiiiiiiilbeeeeert~?" Matthias slurred in a sing-song voice. He ran a hand through his now messed-up blonde hair. "Did I go too faaaaaaar with my flirting?"

'Yes, yes you did.' (Name) wanted to throw in, but remained silent. Drunk people were stupidly honest, so she was waiting for an explanation to his behaviour.

"Oh Sve will kill me if she tells him about this..." Matthias muttered, hitting his head on the table infront of the couch. "I just wanted you to get a little jealous, (Name)! I think it's cute when you come up to me in a fit! I like it when you get all possessive! But I...but I didn't mean to take it that faaaaaar!!" He shouted through the house, still unaware of his voyeur. Finally, Matthias broke out in drunken, choked sobs. "But I love you, (Name)!"

Stockholm rolled her eyes and walked up to the mess of a nation, kicking the discarded beer bottles out of her way.

"You really turn into a bleeding heart boy when you're drunk, don't you, Mat?" She huffed.

"(N-Name)'re here!" Matthias cried out as he slowly looked up. He clung to (Name)'s legs, crying into them, while the woman tried to keep her balance. It wasn't easy, seen as a grown, muscular man was wrapped around her limbs.

"Ja, ja, I'm here." She said to the Dane. "Now, let's get you to bed."

She plucked Matthias off of her and steadied him the entire walk to his bedroom. He bumped into some pieces of furniture occasionally, but he got to his bed in one piece.

(Name) grunted when she dumped the intoxicated man onto his bed.

"You'll stay with me until I fall asleep, won't you, (Name)?" Matthias asked.

"Now, now. You're a big boy, you can-"


(Name) rolled her (e/c) eyes. "Fine."

She sat down on the edge of the bed after tucking Matthias into his wine-coloured sheets.

"Do you love me, (Name)?"

Stockholm sucked in a pained breath. "Maybe."

"But I love you, (Name)!" Matthias whined, struggling to get out of the deep red taco he was wrapped in. (Name) pat his shoulder. "Now, be still."

"I love you, (Name). Please..."

"Go to sleep, Danmark." Stockholm cut him off harshly, before getting up and leaving his room.


Matthias awoke with a groan. His head was spinning, and he rubbed his temples in an attempt to make it stop.

"Holy fuck..." He cursed. "How much did I have last night?"

Matthias sat up in his bed. His door was open, letting in the sound of sizzling and the smell of bacon, pancakes and eggs wafted into the room.

"Definitely not Norge..." the Dane mumbled. Then his eyes widened when he remembered the past night.

"Ah, fuck."


Matthias came down the stairs, only to face the battlefield of a living room. His hat was squished up on the table, some chairs and a  lamp were tipped over, but the beer bottles were sorted into a neat square. He had to grin a bit. Stockholm had always been more than a bit OCD in regards to large amounts of a certain thing. Her shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottles were sorted by colours, and the individual colours were sorted by size, he recalled, and if her washcloths weren't rolled up into burrito-like forms and stacked into a pyramid, (Name) would get itsy or even flip.

"I see you are up and awake, Mat." (Name) spoke, pulling his head down from the clouds. "Get your butt in the kitchen. I've got some coffee for you." She herself had a mug of coffee in hand, the mug had a Danish-flag design on it and the words 'Kiss me, I'm Danish' written on it. (Name) didn't necessarily care about the designs of her tableware, she'd simply fished it out of one of the cupboards in Matthias' large kitchen. The Dane loved cooking and (Name) had to admit, he wasn't too bad of a cook.

"(Name)...about last night..." Matthias began, but the woman raised her hand and he instantly shut up, eventhough a nagging voice in the back of his head told him he didn't have to. He was older, after all.

"Sit down, 'Thias. You gotta get something to soak up all that poison. I know we wake up again a few days after we 'die'," (Name) made little annotations with her hands, "but no need to die more than needed."

The tall nation obeyed, and drowzily plopped down into one of the kitchen chairs. (Name) poured him a mug of coffee, then placed a plate filled with most of the ingredients he'd sniffed out earlier: Bacon, eggs, pancakes, additional to that, french toast and a bowl of fruit salad.

"Wow...that's nice to wake up to." Denmark blurted out, unsure of what to say.

"Don't get used to it." (Name) told him off.

"Didn't say I was."

"Shut up and eat, Danmark."

"Okay, need to be so touchy..."

Matthias began to work on the huge amount of food on the large, porcelain plate, (Name) occasionally plucking a bacon strip or a piece of diced fruit from his dish and popping it into her mouth.

The silence was killing him, but at the same time, he didn't know if he should feel angry or guilty about last night. So, he just followed his gut, and his gut was giving him a clear-cut instruction: Fucking feed me!

Once Matthias had finished his gi-normous breakfast, (Name) got up and put his plate in the dishwasher, then re-filled his mug.

"Listen, (Name)...I...I wanted to apologise." Matthias began, taking a sip of black coffee, the liquid almost as dark and gloomy as the mood in the spacious kitchen. "I...I don't know how much you heard me ramble last night-"

"I heard enough."

"Right. B-but I want you to know that I had no serious intentions with Louise. I was just trying to get you a little jealous, you know I love it when you go all possessive infront of other girls, but I guess I crossed the line last night, and I never even thought about how it might affect you..."

For a while, Stockholm remained silent. She just stared into the depths of her coffee, as if she'd find a proper response in the hot, bitter, murky liquid.

"Then I guess I have to apologise, too." She said softly. "Gilbert told me you'd go on if I'd make it obvious I was I talked him into pretending we were going to go somewhere serious. We both weren't thinking about each other's feelings, I suppose."

" didn't fuck one of my best buddies in Alfred's guestroom?"

"Nej, I didn't."

"And I don't have to get my axe to chop off Gilbert's head and balls?"

(Name) gave a tiny smile. " don't."

Matthias sighed in relief. "Thank the heavens."

He laughed a bit. "Where's this relationship gonna end us? I think we're slowly but surely losing our minds together." (Name) chortled. "Tell me about it, Matthias."

"So, I guess we're okay then?" The Dane questioned, blue eyes hopeful, a small smile gracing his lips. It only widened when (Name) nodded slowly.

"Only if you promise not to pull any stunts like that again. I get irrational when provoked, and if you want my attention, just ask for it." She said sternly.

"Promise!" Matthias said cheerily, and (Name) giggled a bit at his grin.

Her giggling ceased, though, when Denmark brushed a (h/c) strand of hair behind her ear. Time seemed to slow down for just a few seconds, and it felt like decades until Matthias decided to speak up.

"Can I kiss you?"

"I thought you'd never ask." (Name) choked out, pulling the Dane into a passionate kiss.
I started writing this story about a year ago or something, until I found it on my phone again and decided to finish it. Hope you guys like it!

And I'm sorry for not being too active nowadays. I'm still sufferingna bit from writer's block, and I hope it gets better. Also, I'll be leaving back to Indonesia for about ten days starting monday, so there's no guaranteed internet.

Denmark (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Denmark
This story (c) :iconmidnightseven:
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